New Orleans
Neighborhood Portraits


"Lakeview is a moderately wealthy neighborhood of frame cottages and brink ranch houses, the value of which have continued to increase since the 1960s. Seven schools and twelve churches of various denominations serve Lakeview. Street names, such as Robert E. Lee, General Diaz, Marshal Foch and General Haig, reflect local and national history." (from The New Orleans Data Center)

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Jeb Bruneau, past president of the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association

Brian Anderson, president of the Lakeview crime prevention district

Stephanie Hilferty, Representative for Lakeview in the Louisiana House of Representatives,
and Joe Giarrusso, incoming City Councilperson for District A, which includes Lakeview

At "Cue in the View," a barbecue at St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Lakeview

Rita Legrand, long-time civic activist in Lakeview and around the city,
and Pam Legge, civic activist and legal assistant in city government


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